Pirate Toss

Title Screen



Arr Matey, welcome to Pirate Toss! This game will sure get your booty off your seat. With tons of bounty, upgrades and creatures of the sea, the fun is everlasting. The game is easy to play, simply aim and fire! Watch out for those pesky seagulls though!

This game is created with the XNA framework for a school project at Humber College. Some features include:
-> In-game store
-> Enemy AI
-> Animations
-> Great in-game sounds

The Team:
Asseel Sidique -> Coding which includes animations, screen navigation, in-store menu, statistics, physics and game play.
Giancarlo -> Coding and game design
Steven Jay -> Artwork

Check out the YouTube video in the URL section!


Game Programmer/Animator


Humber College


April 2015


Video Game